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We can supply all type of yarn which can meet with all market segments and all type of usage such as Polyester yarn, Polyester Spun yarn, Nylon yarn, Cotton yarn, and Embroidery Yarn

Polyester yarn

Polyester yarn has good elastic properties. Also hard to get a wrinkle on the Woven fabric which available in Bright and Semi – dull and Trilobal Bright shade. We have the material available both in raw white and dyed colors we have more than 250 colors available for our customer’s to choose


Polyester Spun yarn

Polyester Spun yarn has high strength which is suitable for sewing application on both low and high speed sewing machine. We have up to 149 colors available with different yarn count and on different tubes which can be produce as per customer’s requirement.


Nylon yarn

Nylon has higher strength and stretch comparing to other Synthetics yarn. This yarn is suitable for sewing, knitted and woven fabrics that are used for underwear or swimsuit.


Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn is 100% made from a natural resource which is suitable for knitted and woven fabric. Cotton yarn can be divided into different categories: Combed, Semi-Combed, Carded, and Opened End. The natural cotton fibers and cotton fibers mixed.


Embroidery Yarn

We can supply both Rayon and Polyester embroidery yarn which has high quality and suitable for both high speed and low speed of embroidery machine.