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We can supply all type of elastic which can meet with all market segments and all type of usage such as Smock yarn etc.

Elastic table

Rim rubber Elastic Band Smock yarn Fishbone tape
210 A4 White 10 mm. White
312 A6 Black 10 mm. Black
315 A8 5 mm. White
416 A10 10 mm. Cotton

Smock yarn

Widely use for clothing especially for:

  • women underwear
  • the rim of
  • the rim of golf bag
  • edge of the bag
  • fashion dress
  • patient visiting dress
  • edge of sanitary napkin

210 – 840 Rim rubber

  • the Rim of gentlemen underwear.
  • The Rim of pants' legs for gentlemen
  • The Rim of shower cap and swimming cap and so on

(A4 –A10) Elastic Band

  • The Rim of pajamas' waist for both children and adults
  • the rim of leather seat
  • The Rim of fitted sheet
  • the rim of fabric gloves
  • the rim of golf gloves
  • Hair cover hat

Fishbone tape 5 – 10 mm.

  • put around the neck and shoulder of the shirt
  • rim of pants
  • the Rim of bag